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Self Reliance + Protection + Local Business + Barter

Security + Food+ Water + Wealth Preservation + Shelter

We Believe you shouldn’t just survive; you should thrive!

We’re building a network of people to share information, skills, and help to become self sufficient and independent in their daily lives. 


Choosing the best survival weapons will depend on your needs.  A good firearm inventory will provided protection in many situations when used properly.

self reliance

Depending upon your local grocery stores to supply your needs may leave you disappointed at times. We practice self-reliance, so individuals will not have to depend solely on grocery stores.


small business

Small business owners are essential to their communities. When local residents shop within their communities, tax dollars stay within that local economy.

Our Story

 I grew up in a small town in South Carolina; raising live stock and harvesting vegetables from our garden.  Thirty years later, living in metro Atlanta on a 1/3 acre of land and relying on my local grocery store to feed my family;  I decided to become more self-reliant.  Becoming more self-reliant  allows me to protect my family when and if disaster strikes.  

Our goal is to help families, friends and community become more self-reliant and prepare to thrive if and when a disaster strikes. We are advocates of provident living while preparing to meet the challenges in our future.

list your small business

We keep hearing “Recession”, which may lead to the close of businesses, furloughs and or layoffs.  If you are starting a business or have an established business we look forward to adding your business to our Directory.



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