The food shortages have begun in the US and it seems consumers are not as confident as the wall street analysts would like to convey since they are still stocking up on emergency foodstuffs. There may be a couple factors at play here though the companies all deduce it’s due to increased demand from more and more customers eating at home more the items that food producers and grocery stores are finding hard to keep in stock would be rice, flour, and canned goods among other things. Another factor may be a major disruption still present in the supply chains. There are shortages in different metals particularly aluminum, Pepsi and Coca Cola both acknowledged a shortage of aluminum cans and the way they have been dealing with it is to reduce production for some of their flavors of said and focus on their top-selling brands to try to keep their products on the shelves. They warned there will be shortages on many of their products until they can get the supply problems resolved. This could be some of the strain for canned goods and what it signifies is there may still be some serious supply chain disruptions.